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Wake at 5:30, check email.
Hubby takes dog for walk.
Son1 gets up and into the shower.  
Hubby comes home to drop off the dog and pick up the boy to drive him to a train station that is closer to his school than our home is, for he has a 7:30 AM rehearsal.
I get up and start searching for the pencil sharpener I told hubby I'd find for him, break my pinky toe, and watch a YouTube video with son3 (who I woke up with my whispered scream) while I recover a bit.
I put pants on and my contacts in (advising daughter how to cook an egg in the microwave as I stick my fingers in my eyes) and then pass the found pencil sharpener to hubby on my way past him, as I rush out the door to get cash to send to school with son3's band forms.  
Cash and change (procured through a Slurpee purchase) acquired, I arrive home in time to kiss hubby goodbye on his way out the door to write his first exam for his accounting designation.  He is reminding me that daughter needs to phone her grandfather to intervi…

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